Marijuana for Depresion

Believe it or not, marijuana does more than just cause non-stop laughter and uncontrollable cravings. Though it is used all around the world as a recreational drug, marijuana is also recognized to for its medicinal benefits. It has been known to fight Alzheimer’s, Hepatitis C, asthma, arthritis and even cancer, along with many more illnesses and diseases. This makes it no surprise that medical marijuana is now legal in 30 stated throughout the U.S.!

The prior illnesses and diseases listed are all serious. But there is one silent killer that devastatingly affects an immense number of individuals. That silent killer is depression. The constant sadness, anxiety, confusion, fatigue and loneliness that depressed individuals go through on a daily basis is reason for many tragic deaths around the world. However, just like marijuana is known for treating the likes of cancer, asthma and Alzheimer’s, it is also known for its positive effects on depression.

Innumerable depressed individuals go through constant anxiety. Just think of the nervousness, tiredness, shortness of breath, and all-out unease that an anxious person goes through so often. Now picture that nervousness turning into relaxation. All of a sudden, one can breathe easier and calmer. The anxiety that once tormented the individual now seems non-existent. This is just one of the positives that marijuana can have on the depressed.

Many seem to think that marijuana makes one just want to sit around watching cartoons while chomping down every snack in sight, but that is not always the case. Many times, marijuana will repress that sleepiness and tiredness that a depressed person goes though on a constant basis and that feeling of wanting to lay in bed all day turns into wanting to step outside for fresh air.

Another benefit is the euphoric symptoms that marijuana causes. They are known for uplifting the individual and making a usually down, desolated person come to life. It is no surprise that a person that is locked in depression is far from the “euphoric”, inspiring feeling.

Depression is no joke. It leads to a life of despair and it is one of the most difficult disorders a person can go through. If used correctly and moderately as a medicinal drug, marijuana can aid in helping cure some of those negative symptoms caused by it.

5 Reason Marijuana is Better than Opioids

In the United States, there is a war on drugs that’s going on and has been for decades. With some drugs–such as opioids–it’s understandable why lawmakers and healthcare professionals are trying to get the use of the drugs under control. Opioids can be incredibly destructive in the lives of millions of individuals, families, and communities all over the country as well as throughout the world. But in case you need more reasons to toke up, here are 5 reason marijuana is better than opioids.

1. Marijuana treats pain effectively.

A recent study has shown that many patients with chronic pain actually prefer marijuana to opioids. Patients in this study reported that they didn’t have to use as much marijuana to get pain relief. Whereas with opioids, they had to continuously pop pills all day long. Also, it’s easier to build up a tolerance to opioids so that you need more and more for it to be effective.

2. Marijuana is natural.

Marijuana is a plant that comes from the earth whereas opioids are chemically manufactured by the pharmaceutical companies. Anything you can grow is always way better in my opinion that anything you have to get out of a lab.

3. Marijuana doesn’t have as many side effects.

Using marijuana may cause fatigue and hunger, but there are a ton of unwanted side effects that come with using opioids. People who use opioids often report itchiness, agitation, numbness, constipation, insomnia, etc.

4. Marijuana doesn’t have withdrawal symptoms.

If you stop using heroin or even hydrocodone after you’ve been using it for a while, you’re going to be seriously sick. Most patients who stop opioids have to attend a medically supervised detox. If you stop using marijuana after using it for a while, you may experience some psychological symptoms like agitation, but you won’t experience physical withdrawal.

5. Marijuana is not addictive.

There is some debate as to whether or not marijuana is addictive, but even those who think it’s addictive will only say it’s psychologically addictive. There is no debate, however, that opioids can be extremely addictive and dangerous. Sadly, fatal overdoses are all too common on opioids.

So there you go. 5 reasons marijuana is better than opioids. If you do have an opioid addiction, however, it’s important that you seek help right away.

Why You Should Move to Colorado for Marijuana

A little over six months ago, I moved to Colorado from Austin, Texas to become a part of the growing marijuana industry, and it was one of the best decisions I ever made. Are you thinking about moving out here for marijuana? Here’s why you should do that.

Medical Benefits

It’s a known fact that there are many medical benefits to marijuana. While many states now have legal medical marijuana, Colorado is a stable in the medical marijuana industry. Medical marijuana is great for treating pain, seizures, depression, and insomnia, among other things. For more on this, check out my blog post about why marijuana is better than opioids.

Careers in the Marijuana Industry

When marijuana became legal in Colorado, over 10,000 jobs were created. It’s a fairly simple process to get involved in the marijuana industry. Many of these jobs can pay up to $50,000 per year. Business is booming, and the economy is thriving!

Tax Revenue in Colorado

Due to medical marijuana, Colorado is doing extremely well. In 2015, the sales income of marijuana in Colorado nearly reached $1 billion. This increase in tax revenue means a lot of social improvements like better schools, which is good for everyone.

Colorado is the best place to live in America, I think. The weather is awesome, it’s beautiful, and the people are progressive. So if you’re thinking about coming out here, all I can say is you definitely should.

Don’t Drive High

Everyone knows that impaired driving is just not cool. There have been far too many people in this country and throughout the world that have been killed or seriously injured because of the decisions someone has made while driving impaired. In 1980, there were almost 25,000 deaths due to intoxicated driving as reported by Mothers Against Drunk Driving. Awareness has majorly increased since then, and the death toll numbers have gone down, but there are still some people who think it’s okay to drive while impaired.

There are many people who think that driving while high is not as dangerous as driving while drunk. This is not true. Driving after you have smoked marijuana is extremely dangerous and irresponsible. Research shows that when a person is high, they can’t make necessary decisions they will need to make to be responsible drivers, and this is defiinitely┬ásomething that you will find to be true if you try it out.

Have you ever thought to yourself “I drive better high”? Well, that’s not scientifically possible. When you are driving, you need to have a fast reaction time. You may need to react quickly to things like other drivers or debris in the road.

There are too many other people on the road, and you’re not just endangering your life, but you are putting all of those people in danger. It’s just not worth it. Plus, now with Uber and UberEats, there’s really no reason to ever drive high.

So next time you’re thinking about smoking a doobie and then getting on the road, well you shouldn’t. You don’t want to be the reason that someone else is injured or worse. So if you’re smoking pot, make sure you don’t have anywhere to go. Or make sure someone else is going to be a designated driver. Or call an Uber. There are a million ways to avoid driving high so just don’t drive high!